Sunday, 28 February 2010

that chewing gum is coming back in style

When I was a kid, I was scared of everything. Not just my brother who hid behind doors and waited for me on the landing, or Mr Morrell the red cheeked, kiddie fiddlerish greengrocer up the road. No, I was constantly freaked out by very ordinary things, such as doors, wallpaper and chests of drawers with handles which looked like eyes. Now, unless I've been watching Most Haunted with Girls Aloud or I Believe In Ghosts with Joe Swash, I'm happy to say I'm not scared of furniture or wall coverings any more. (Apart from the weird Edvard Munch face in the woodgrain of the hall cupboard, but the less said about that the better).

When you're big enough to reach light switches and fight the forces of evil with with a rolled up newspaper, it's easy to forget how strange the world must look to a person the third of your size. I defy you to look at these unsettling photos Louis took on my phone and not experience a David Lynchian sense of disquiet. There's the big spooky monster with no face...

The cold, uncomprehending eyes of the Thomas phone...(and the murderer was on the EXTENSION!)

The malevolent stare of Upsy Daisy...

not to mention the mysterious fat bottomed ghost in the hall.

Jesus, no wonder he's scared of the Pinky Ponk.


  1. He has a great eye for composition. And the macabre. I smell another Tim Burton in the making. Or is that a poo??

  2. Yes, he's always doing 'Tim Burtons' when my back's turned. It's the Nightmare Before, During And After Christmas.

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